Apple Group

Apple Group

Agahunion Group: Apple union Group (Apple Group), is a dynamic group of firms with an extensive team of experts who have been supporting the government and People of Afghanistan in the field of Agriculture , Where apple group has successful story of agriculture in Afghanistan . Apple Group have been Taken many Award due to successful completing agriculture Project .


Dried and Fresh Fruits

Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan (EPAA) predicts a 15,000 ton increase in export of dried and fresh fruits.Head of the dried and fresh fruits department of EPAA, Mohammad Mustafa Hashemi, said Afghanistan failed to export the set target of 50,000 tons of fruits last year due to political crisis mainly caused by the election impasse. Afghanistan exported only 40,000 tons of fruits at a total cost of USD 168mn during the last fiscal year.This year, Afghanistan is expected to export 25,000 tons of fresh fruits and 30,000 tons of dried fruits to the international market.. More Read

Apricot Dried Processing

Apple Group is a mission
To restore economic vitality by creating livelihood opportunities in post-conflict regions.Success Story: Dried Apricots Build Income For Afghan Women


Vegetable Agriculture
Apple Group is more focusing to produce more the Vegetable of Previous Season ,Because vegetable is playing main role of economic role in Afghanistan Vegetable farming, growing of vegetable crops, primarily for use as human food. The term vegetable in its broadest sense refers to any kind of plant life or plan Rebuilding Afghanistan's agricultural economy Vegetable production in Afghanistan deference  province on Research Gate, the professional network
Buildings Rehabilitation/ Renovation 
Priority problems for Afghanistan grapes include:lack of proper raisin drying house (many people dry fruit on the roofs of their houses or directly on the ground,However the Apple group visiting and appreciating the farmer of Afghanistan to keep your product (grapes)  more safe and fresh  More Read

   Consultancy  Services of Apple Group

  •     Poplar tree plantation
  •     Dried apricot processing
  •     Mushroom
  •     Green house vegetables
  •     Fresh fruits
  •     Tissue Culture
  •     Honey & Honey Bees
  •     Vermi-compost production